Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Job Description:

Research and develop a complete bid from the bidding documents (technical + financial) for the assigned projects on schedule.

Extract quantities from drawings, compile volume tables, combine technical requirements from documents, and send bid requests to appropriate suppliers.

Draft purchase and sale contracts for equipment and materials in accordance with current legal regulations and project requirements. Follow up on contracts from formation to liquidation, meeting project requirements.

Implement relevant legal documents throughout the process of implementing the assigned project, including personnel, materials, construction measures, occupational safety and health, and environmental protection plans.

Make a detailed monitoring plan for each assigned project, coordinate with the project engineer to complete the payment and settlement records for the project in accordance with the plan, and provide solutions/reports if necessary for any stages where progress falls short of expectations.

Handle other requests from the Board of Directors of the company.


Graduated from a regular university with a major in Civil/Industrial Electricity or an equivalent major that meets the recruitment criteria.

Knowledge of how to make test and acceptance documents and complete equipment installation.

Experience in the field implementation of Power projects.

Able to work under high pressure.

Able to read and understand technical documents in English.

Passion for technical work.

Enthusiasm, perseverance, and a sense of responsibility in work.

Skills in planning, organizing, and operating.

Analytical, synthesis, and reporting skills.

Organized mind and logical thinking.